Orange County Orthopedic Surgery

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Chapman Medical Center has gathered top surgeons and specialists to provide treatment to patients who are suffering from orthopedic conditions or injuries. Our goal is to provide the most modern, mininally invasive treatments that lead to the best results for the patient. The medical team is a highly regarded group of medical professionals with a broad range of knowledge in techniques and treatments for orthopedic injuries, symptoms and conditions. They are always at the forefront in the constantly advancing field of orthopedics and surgery.

The members of our medical team are involved as principal investigators in many clinical research projects and are committed to seeking out and developing better and less invasive techniques for resolving serious physical problems related to hip, knee, shoulder, and hand disorders. Every year brings new, more effective techniques and procedures to resolve serious conditions. Our team of surgeons have outstanding qualifications and are fellowship trained, and they perform some of the most advanced and difficult surgical procedures currently available.

Treatments for Orthopedic Disorders in Orange County

Our approach to serious orthopedic conditions, injuries, and disorders always includes a full evaluation of every aspect of our patients’ health, and extensive testing to determine the best possible treatment, with the individual’s future well-being and recovery as our primary concern. It is important that a full evaluation of your condition is completed, usually including CAT(CT) scan, X-rays, and in some cases an MRI, as well as a full evaluation of the body and family history. We seek out the treatment that will most most effective and give our patient the best result and relief from the condition or symptoms they have been suffering. Our compassionate team is known for the personal patient care and ongoing dedication to resolving the condition or injury for the patient.

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We invite you to contact our center for more information about the most current treatments for orthopedic disorders. We are engaged in ongoing research and training for the best and least invasive treatments with the highest recovery rates for our patients and carefully evaluate every individual with their future health and well-being as our utmost concern.

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