Elbow Injuries and Treatments

Chapman Orthopedic Institute in Orange County

There are a variety of injuries and conditions that can affect the movement of the elbow. The elbow is a joint where three bones in your body converge: the humerus, the ulna and the radius. Both injury and disease can harm this joint, causing elbow movement to be impossible or painful. Chapman Orthopedic Institute in Orange County provides a variety of treatment options for patients suffering from elbow injuries.

Types of Elbow Conditions

Tennis Elbow

"Tennis Elbow" is a phrase coined to describe a condition known as lateral epicondylitis. With tennis elbow, the region becomes sore and tender to the touch. This condition is commonly caused by repetitive stress/use of the elbow.

Biceps Tendon Tear at the Elbow

The human bicep is located at the upper front of the arm. This particular muscle is responsible for bending the elbow as well as rotating the forearm. If the bicep tears at the elbow, it will not re-grow and attach itself to the bone, which is necessary for healing. This is why surgical repair is necessary.

Dislocated Elbow

When the bones in the joint of the elbow are thrown out of alignment, this is called an elbow dislocation. The most common cause of this injury is blunt force such as a fall on hard ground.

Elbow Injury Treatment Options

Arthroscopy of Elbow

This type of procedure uses an arthroscope, which is a small instrument with a camera on it. By making a small incision into the elbow and inserting the arthroscope, doctors can diagnose and repair elbow injuries.

Elbow Surgery

More severe elbow injuries will need to be repaired by way of surgery. Some conditions that might warrant surgery include elbow fractures, tennis elbow and bicep tear at the elbow.

Ulnar Nerve Surgery

For patients with ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow, ulnar nerve surgery is likely necessary for repair. This particular nerve is one of the three main nerves of the arm. With this type of injury, it can become compressed and result in numbness and pain.