Failed Back or Neck Syndrome

What is Failed Back or Neck Syndrome?

When a person has had spinal surgery for back or neck pain and continues to experience pain after the expected recovery time has passed, that person has failed back or neck syndrome. The failure of a surgical procedure to remedy a painful condition in the first place is bad enough but the problem is compounded by the debilitating effects of chronic pain and the associated life difficulties. You may be one of the thousands of people who undergo surgical procedures for pain only to continue to suffer. If you are experiencing persisting pain after neck or back surgery, our experts at Chapman Spine and Orthopedic Institute can evaluate factors in your condition that might have been missed and recommend a course of action to alleviate your pain.

Treating Failed Back or Neck Syndrome

Our doctors take an aggressive approach to a failed back or neck syndrome with a complete diagnostic review to ascertain the exact cause of the continuing pain. It might be that surgery was never indicated in the first place and the real cause of pain was initially overlooked. In other cases, surgery might have been indicated but underlying factors prevented a successful outcome. Our diagnostic team uses a whole arsenal of tests to help our specialists determine exactly how to proceed. Tests might discover lingering inflammation, scar tissue or even an unrelated issue that is preventing a full recovery.

Every case is unique. Once a full diagnostic workup is done, an effective treatment plan can be advised that uses the latest breakthroughs in modern medicine and time-tested traditional practices for the most successful and least invasive treatment possible.

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