Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is typically caused by overuse or misuse of the muscles, ligaments and discs that support the spine in the lower back area. Once stressed, this area becomes inflamed and more prone to further injury. Pain can be dull, burning or sharp and can be localized or spread over the entire area and down the legs. As one tries to compensate for the pain by using healthy muscles for work that they are not designed to do, the injury broadens to impact formerly healthy muscles. Walking, lifting, bending and even resting can become excruciatingly painful and this condition then leads to further physical and mental deterioration. The doctors at Chapman Spine and Orthopedic Institute can help you find a way to recover from low back pain so that you may have lasting relief from this condition.

Causes and Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Overuse or misuse of the muscles, ligaments and joints in the lower back can be caused by heavy lifting, over-exercising, strain, or just by using the muscles incorrectly. A herniated disc can occur when there is a sudden strain or repeated vibration from sports activities or working with certain kinds of machinery. A spinal misalignment can cause the vertebrae to slide over each other in an unnatural way. Age-related conditions such as osteoarthritis or joint degeneration can affect the small facet joints in the spine or hip joints. Age can cause the spinal column to narrow and place pressure on the nerves. Undiagnosed fractures in the spine will cause pain as can various diseased conditions such as tumors and infections. All of these conditions cause lower back pain and each has a separate method of treatment.

Our diagnostic specialists can isolate the source of the pain through a battery of tests that help the doctor develop a treatment program that addresses the root cause. Our specialists can provide effective treatment for this debilitating condition so that life can return to normal and you can be as pain-free as possible.

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