Pain Management

Staffed with expert physicians who are board-certified in Pain Management procedures, the Chapman Pain Institute offers a wide-variety of pain management services to patients who are experiencing chronic pain as a result of a work-related injury.

Through its expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, spinal disorders, and management of pain, our team is dedicated to helping injured workers and individuals suffering from chronic pain attain the highest level of functioning possible through an integrated medical, vocational and behavioral management approach.

Pain Management Services

  • Epidural Injections
  • Facet Joint Injections
  • Intraarticular Hip Injections
  • Lumbar Discogram
  • Nerve Block
  • Pain Stimulator
  • Rhizotomy
  • SI Joint – Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injections
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medication Management

Psychological Pain Management Therapy

Those who suffer from pain or disability due to injury often also suffer emotionally. Because research has proven that the experience of pain has a significant psychological component, we have also included a pain psychologist on our expert panel, who is trained in the psychological aspects of the management of chronic pain.

For more information about our pain management services please contact us or give us a call at (714) 639-3780.

Each individual’s pain experience is unique and should be evaluated by an experienced Pain Managment Specialist.

If you would like an appointment to meet with one of our experienced Pain Managment Specialists, please contact us or fill out an inquiry form to make an appointment.