Spina Biduda

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The birth defect Spina Bifuda creates a condition for the individual in which the body has not developed correctly around the spine and spinal cord. The condition can result in symptoms that range from very severe to less serious, and each case will have an individual course of treatment to address the problems the patient faces. Our team of spine specialists has extensive training and understanding of all the most up-to-date treatments for all degrees of Spina Bifuda, and assists the patient in finding treatments to that suit their specific condition and to attempt to resolve some of the symptoms that they suffer. Certain treatments can lead to a much better quality of life for the patient, and our compassionate medical team is concerned with improving the quality of life and physical health of each patient.

Spina Bifuda: 3 Types

There are three types of Spina Bifuda, each creating a specific set of symptoms and conditions, and each individual case must be thoroughly evaluated to determine what treatments would give our patients the most relief and improved quality of life.

Spina Bifuda Occulta:

This is the version of the condition in which there is a small gap between the bones in the spine and is often not noticed even by the individual with the condition. It is often covered with a fat deposit or there could be hair growth in the area, but does not create symptoms for the individual in most cases.


This rare form of Spina Bifuda is more serious but often able to resolve with surgery. The nerve bundle in the spine, termed the “meninges”) has pushed out through a gap in the bones of the spine. After diagnosis of the condition, surgery can be performed usually resolving the condition and creating no further problems for the person who had the condition. Any spinal surgery should be performed by a skilled team of specialists with all the most modern treatments and equipment as we provide at our center.


This is the form of Spina Bifuda most commonly known, and in which creates the most severe condition for the individual. The development of the vertebrae and spinal cord was compromised during the formation of the body, and an open gap in the back of the baby, often with a sac that bulges outward, sometimes skin covered or exposed. This is a serious condition and must be treated at once, as the exposure of the spinal cord and nerves makes the possibility of infection a real danger for the infant. Surgery must take place soon after birth and the child may be paralyzed from the condition, as the development of the nerves and spinal cord was incomplete.

There are tests that can be done on pregnant mothers to help to determine whether the fetus has the condition, but these tests can not absolutely confirm the condition in some cases, and a child could be born in which the test failed to identify it. As time progresses, the testing becomes more accurate and it is rare for the condition to exist and not be identified through testing of a pregnant mother. Our medical team is committed to assisting in improving the quality of life of those who suffer from Spina Bifuda. If you are interested in finding out about the recently released treatments for this condition, we invite you to contact our medical center for information.

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