Spine Conditions Treated in Orange County

Spine Conditions

The spinal column is a complex structure that performs multiple critical functions in the body. It supports the torso, provides a communication channel to every part of the body and enables movement of the torso and limbs. Any impairment of its functioning can have broad implications throughout the body and result in an acute lessening of physical mobility, health and well-being. The medical team at Chapman Spine and Orthopedic Institute has experience diagnosing and treating all types of spinal conditions including:

Each of these conditions can be seriously debilitating to the patient. Our goal is to successfully treat the condition and restore the patient to a healthy state free of pain and able to live a complete life.

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Since the spinal column is such a complex structure, many different types of abnormalities can affect it. The spine itself is the primary nerve channel of the body. Its uninterrupted function is critical to a normal physical and mental state. It is surrounded by a series of bones — the vertebrae — which supports the spine while allowing for movement of the torso. If the vertebrae are damaged, movement becomes painful or impossible with severe effects to physical health. The muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue that hold the bones in place and provide additional support can also be injured or affected by disease. Everyone who has experienced a backache knows how debilitating even a mild event can be.

The back and spine are critical to your overall health and well-being. The spinal experts at Chapman Medical Center have the experience, expertise and understanding of spinal conditions to provide the best possible care in a supportive and professional setting.

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