Spondylosthesis Treatment in Orange County

There are many physical activities that can lead to Spondylosthesis, a fairly common condition in which one vertebrae slips over another, causing extreme pain and sometimes the inability to move from one position to another without pain. Some of the activities that can result in this condition include sports, particularly those that include impact such as gymnastics, as well as weight lifting or other sport in which the individual has weight or exerts pressure at the same time as turning their upper body. Certain types of jobs can also lead to the condition, particularly those jobs that include lifting. This condition can be extremely painful, making it almost impossible to sit, stand or do any of the usual motions without pain. Children, as well as adults can suffer from Spondylosthesis and the condition should be identified and treated as quickly as possible.

Treating Spondylosthesis

Each case must be evaluated with a series of tests to determine if Spondylosthesis is the cause of the pain that the individual is suffering. The cases of this condition can vary widely in severity, and each individual patient will be diagnosed and a treatment for their specific case will be determined by the specialist in back injuries and pain at our Spine Center. Testing with the use of an X-Ray or CT scan may be used to determine if the underlying cause of pain is Spondylosthesis. Once the condition is confirmed, there are a variety of ways it can be treated.

Bed rest and avoiding much motion is often part of the healing process for this condition. When Spondylosthesis is managed carefully the condition can be resolved. Our team of specialists will diagnose the condition and advise the best form of treatment so that the patient can heal as quickly as possible. There is often restricted motion and rehabilitation that is involved in treating this condition.

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